The Rocky Mountain Steel Bands was founded by Rick Henson in 2003 to provide everyone with the opportunity to play in a steel band. We have performed at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Keystone World Music Festival, Boettcher Concert Hall, and have produced many of our own feature concerts. RMSB consists of three unique performing ensembles and offer beginning classes to anyone ages 8 and up!

About the steel pan Steel pans (steel drums) are from the country of Trinidad and Tobago. They are all expertly made and tuned. Pans can play any kind of music but with an unmistakable unique sound. Steel Bands use many different kinds of pans such as Tenors, Double Tenors, Double Seconds, Double Guitars, Triple Guitars, 4-Cellos, Basses, and of course lots of percussion!

Visit our website at www.rmsteelbands.com to find out about our upcoming classes!

For everyone that isn’t in Denver, PlaySteelDrums is the best way to get started playing steel pan.  Online tutorials and downloadable lessons allow people all over the world to discover why steel drums are so much fun!

Check out this great site!   www.PlaySteelDrums.com

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